The 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Scotch in the World

There are few things as fine as relaxing with a glass of quality scotch, be it neat, on the rocks or with a single drop of water. Scotch whiskies express an unbelievable range of flavours, hidden beneath overtones of smoke, peat and wood. While most may never venture beyond Johnnie Walker Blue in price, there are those who prefer a dearer drop. Whether you have a pallet that can pick out the slightest notes or you’ve only just started to appreciate scotch, these special scotches are priced to impress.
These are some of the finest and most expensive scotches in the world, made more expensive by their rarity, age, quality and special bottles. In this list there are scotches that only ever had one bottle, scotches sold in fine decanters crafted by french crystal masters and scotches older than your grandparents. Getting your hands on any of these may be difficult and costly, but the flavours will speak for themselves.
If you’ve got something special to celebrate or just want to toast your own success, you may want to acquire one of these sought-after works of art. As luxury goes, few things impress discerning guests as much as a fine, rare scotch whisky poured from a fine decanter. If you’ve got a few thousand dollars lying around, perhaps one of the entries on this list might interest you.