The 10 Most Expensive Sodas In The World

We’re used to paying around one dollar per soda bottle or can, so how impressive can a list of most expensive sodas in the world really be? Two words: unique antiques. Believe it or not, many individuals collect soda cans either for passion or projected future profit. These people are looking for a one of a kind soda can or a bottle that can bring their collection to a whole new level. Just like any collector, the older the product is, the more value it has. Why? Because it’s rare.
The following list of sodas are either currently on the market, or have already been sold and made history as one of the most expensive soda cans in the world. It won’t surprise many that Coca Cola, with its consistently ingenious marketing campaigns and instantly recognizable brand, emerges as one of the most valuable soda companies today. Collectible cans from the company range from $150+ all the way to the most expensive can on our list, which – as you’ll see – is an eye watering amount. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a collectible coke can, we’d strongly suggest holding on to it! Pass on the happiness, share this with your friends: Who knows, someone might be sipping on a gold-mine without knowing!