10 Of The Most Expensive Apartments In The Big Apple

New York City is without a doubt, one of the most expensive places to live in, and the prices of the top homes there continue to break records. It’s not uncommon for millionaires and billionaires to pay upwards of fifty million just for an apartment in New York, and often these apartments only serve as secondary homes. The most recent record for an apartment bought in New York City stands at $90 million, and that’s for an apartment that is only under construction and has not yet been completed. There are many other apartments in the Big Apple as well, that haven’t been bought by anybody, especially the apartments that are in the price range upwards of $100 million. As a result, multiple apartments throughout the city are empty, but it probably won’t be long until the next record of the most expensive apartment sold in New York City is met. So far, no apartment priced at over $100 million has been sold.
As you look at these apartments, you’ll have to ask yourself if you would spend the money for these apartments if you were wealthy. If you had the money, would you pay $50 million or more for an apartment. Or would you even break the record of paying more than $100 million for an apartment here, if you were attracted enough to it? But as we have said, many of these apartments that have been bought only serve as secondary homes to the buyers who purchased them, so you’ll also have to ask yourself if any of these homes can serve as a viable primary home.
That said, all of these apartments share one thing in common: they are expensive! Even if you can’t afford any of these apartments, it doesn’t hurt to dream. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the ten most expensive apartments in New York City.